Why So Much Awkward Behavior With The Farmer?: 9th Question From Rahul To Modi

In view of the Gujarat elections, Rahul Gandhi is asking a question on Twitter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi every day. On Thursday, he made 9th question. In this, the PM asked for an answer regarding the problems of farmers. In the question posted on Twitter, Rahul alleged that farmer has been hit with Gabbar Singh tax (GST). Farmers are not forgiven for the loan nor are they getting the right price for the crop. Why is so much biased behavior with Kissan (farmer)?

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Rahul asking questions by running a series on Twitter

Rahul is asking question to Modi on Twitter for 22 years by running a series called Gujarat Mango Jawaab. In his tweets, he is tweeting ‘Question by Prime Minister’ on the situation of Gujarat.

The first questions asked on women’s safety, education and unemployment

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Eighth question: 39% children suffer from malnutrition; 33 newborn deaths in every 1,000, rising prices of medicine, severe absence of doctors; Government hospital given to friend for ‘friend’ in Bhuj, is this your health management amazing?

Seventh question: Will the BJP government be the only rich from the rising prices?

Sixth question: Despite the monthly payment of Rs 18,000 in the 7th Pay Commission, why fixes and contract payers 5500 and 10000?

Fifth question: No protection, no education, no nutrition. Just promise to sisters of Gujarat, never had the intention to fulfill

Fourth question: why Gujarat is 26th in expenditure on government education? What has the youth done wrong?

Third question: Why did Push purchase of 4 private companies by buying power of Rs 62,549 crore between 2002-16? Public earning, why looted?

Second question: Loan on Gujarat in 1995- 9183 crores Loan in Gujarat in 2017- 2,41,000 crores Why do people of Gujarat punish your financial mismanagement and publicity?

First question: In 2012 promised that 50 lakh new houses would be given. 4.72 lakh houses built in 5 years. Tell the Prime Minister, will it take 45 years to complete this promise?


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