8 Food You Should Never Ignore To Build Muscles

Muscle mass in more healthy amount is one of the key factor for metabolism. Muscle mass at the same time helps to maintain good density of bone and even to preserve the bone density. In order to keep the muscle intact along with the strength training one should take good amount of food with more content of protein in it. It helps to build both the muscles and bones.




Very high quality protein and most easy available protein. It contains right fat required for the body, choline and amino acids.

Tuna Fish

they are considered aas one of the most desirable protein for muscle building because they are low in fat and rich on Omega-3 fatty acids. This fatty acid helps in metabolism and weight loss and even helps a lot in several body functioning.

Brown Rice

They are the only whole grain which has the full fiber content. It lowers the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. It helps in our reproduction and nervous system and also helps to reduce weight.
Oatmeal –

Another essential for muscle building. They have less carb and help to reduce the bad cholesterol. Helps to increase one’s immunity.


Rich in amino acid and glutamine which helps in muscle building.

Mask Melon

Mask Melon is a carb which gets digested quickly because the fructose level in it is low. It should be taken after workout in order to gain energy.

Whey Protein

Good protein supplement available in the market at reasonable price. It is normally added to the food one intakes. This should never be a regular practice.

Skinless Chicken

Very high protein and this should be taken in order to build and even repair the muscle. With chicken in diet one can manage the weight of the body. It increases the immunity in the body.


Beetroot is a vegetable which has nitrates but it is converted into nitric oxide which helps to repair the muscle and even building the muscle mass. It helps in improving the heart condition and helps a lot in reducing pain and swelling in the body if any.
Cottage Cheese: It provides calcium and B12. It has casein slow digesting protein which helps to maintain the muscle mass properly.


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