Big Boss: Fatherof Arshi, Spoke On The Boldness Of The Daughter – All Of This Is A Game

Mohammad Arshin Khan, father of the model Arshi Khan, returned home with her daughter in ‘Big Boss’ house. This episode has not been telecast yet. Earlier, talked extensively to them. In the conversation, he shared the visit of ‘BIG Boss’ house and the experience of meeting the daughter: –

Question: How was the atmosphere of ‘Big Boss’ home?


Answer: The atmosphere of Big Boss’s home was the same, as it appears on TV. When I reached home, all the participants had freeze. Then ‘Bigg Boss’ released Arshi and she cried and kept repeating father-father. Then he went to each other and introduced them to all. ”

Question: Is their boldness right with the sky? Should they do all this in the game?

If these people do not fight with each other then who will see Sit, talk, prepare food, talk, who will see? This is all part of the game.

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Question: What is your reaction as being a father on daughter’s bold activities in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house? Should it be a part of the game?

Answer: See, you understand, if you do not tease one another, then who will see?

Question: You mean these activities should be done. Do not you have any displeasure with them?

Answer: Look, you are saying something and want something called, there is nothing like that. These are all games and after the game, everyone will go to their own home.

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Question: The statements given on Shahid Afridi, are they right in your opinion?

Answer: Look, everyone cannot do this To make yourself famous, you have to connect with someone. There was a wrong impression that Shahid Afridi’s children are going to be born. That year also passed, this year also passed. Where is that child?

Question: According to you, such fame is correct?

Answer: My daughter is a doctor, but her trend came in modeling. When he came to modeling, she realized that if you do that, then you will come to Limelite. Then people will know you. If someone gets quiet then how will they know them?

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Question: Meaning you have no harm in it?

Answer: Look, you are misunderstood. This is a game, it is a profession, it has to be drowned in. As you say Shahid Afridi, if you want to get fame, you have to do a lot to come to the light.



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